Our grapes are farmed by our winemakers or sourced from the following Paso Robles vineyards:

Rancho De Volidores Vineyards:  

Rancho de Voladores Vineyard (Ranch of the Soaring Birds) rests on eighty secluded acres of some of Paso Robles most beautiful mountain country, situated between twelve and fourteen hundred feet in elevation. Whether lush green in the spring, or golden in the fall, the views are enhanced by faraway mountains, open fields and nearby oak forests. A wooded seasonal creek runs through the ranch, adding to the variety of the countryside. Its thirty acres of Bordeaux and Rhone style grapes are prized for their quality, which is derived partly from the varied terrain and partly from the attention given to each individual vine. The Zinfandel vines are head pruned. The Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah vines are trained on a double curtain wire trellis. This system takes years longer to reach full production, but eventually provides optimum air and sunlight to the clusters. A well known local producer of fine wines has stated that “Rancho de Voladores Vineyard has one of the best vineyard locations on the Central Coast.”

Bella Collina Vineyards:

Owned by Roberta Weideman and located on the westside of Paso Robles on 14 acres.  This unique vineyard in its 14th leaf offers stunning 360 degree views and intensly concentrated fruit.  Roberta tends to the vineyard with uncompromised passion and the quality shines through in the wines.  Producing Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Tannat and Viognier.  

Red Head Ranch Vineyards:

Home to “Grandma” and other magnificent old vines, is the site of what some say is the oldest field blended vineyard planting in Paso Robles. Located on gently rolling hills eight miles east of town, the property was planted in the late 1880s by Gerd and Ilsabe Klintworth with Zinfandel, Alicante Bouschet and Burger. The old vines were planted on their own roots using 10 foot x 10 foot spacing in the southwest corner of the property where Cripple Creek runs through it. The location benefits from the Templeton Gap influences, and as a result experiences the 40-degree day to night temperature differentials, which the vines love. When Peter and Marilyn Ashkin bought the ranch in 1997, the old vines were fodder for the deer, and Marilyn’s passion became the revival of these old vines. They are head-trained and for the most part dry-farmed, save when the daytime temperatures exceed 100 degrees. In 2000, cuttings from the old vines were grafted onto St. George rootstock. The young plants were used to fill in where plants were missing and to enlarge the old vine block, which now encompasses five acres. The yields are exceedingly low, but we’re happy to report that Grandma is now thriving and a part of Paso Robles history has been preserved! 

La Vista Vineyard:

La Vista Vineyards can be found in the Adelaida area west of Paso Robles about twelve miles from the Pacific Ocean with elevation ranges from about 1600 feet to 1950 feet above sea level.  The combination of location and elevation allows afternoon and evening breezes to come through the gaps in the Coastal Range to cool the vineyards. Overnight temperatures sometimes drop as much as 50 degrees below the daytime high temperatures resulting in lower yields and intensely flavored fruit.  This combination also produces several micro climates throughout the vineyards.  The Adelaida area where La Vista Vineyards is located is geologically different from other California wine grape growing areas with the predominance of desirable calcareous (limestone) soils and steep slopes found in this region. The soils at La Vista Vineyards are the highly sought after calcareous Linne Calodo. The rocky steep mountain soil of only eight to twelve inches in depth restricts the vine vigor resulting in lower yields and intensely flavored fruit.

Cerro Prieto Vineyard

&  nationally and internationally recognized vineyard showcasing numerous awards and acclaim. The entire property is comprised of only 13 acres planted with premium varietals planted in 1999.  planted in solid limestone.  dark river bottom soil with limestone boulders 3 feet down. the vines that make up Cerro Prieto Vineyard were carefully planted according to the 13 microclimates, and later readjusted through grafting so that the most suitable varietal was planted in the most favorable area. All clones were grafted onto 1103p Rootstock, phylloxera resistant. All blocs have 5 x 10 feet spacing, except bloc 4b, at 5 x 12 feet. 95 percent of vines are pruned to 2.5 tons/acre; 5 percent are pruned to 1 ton/acre.

Gorgio Vineyard:


Golden Cloud Vineyard:

Golden Cloud vineyard is located on the westside of Paso on approx. 16 acres separated into 5 different blocks.  Completely dry farmed and head pruned zinfandel producing less than one ton per acre, planted on gently sloping hillsides in heavy calcareous limestone soils.

College Of the canyons vineyard transplant project.  
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